Our website was born with the intent to transmit to you our passion for this wonderful sport.
In our journey we have met, collaborated and lived with people who did it with us.
Cycling is a fantastic discipline, open to everyone and for everyone.
It is healthy, ecological, strongly aggregative and very simple, just ride.
But in its simplicity it can be very complex when we are looking for the best performance.
We have set ourselves this goal: make you improve!
In each of us hides an athlete who must only find motivations and goals capable of stimulating him.
With our experience we try to do this.

Over 20 years of experience in Power Coaching and in the evaluation of athletes of all categories.

Our partnerships with Team World Tour (Saxo-Sungard ; Saxo-Tinkoff ; Tinkoff-Saxo ; Tinkoff; Katusha Alpecin) have allowed us to raise the standards of our services and allow us to select the best evaluation tools.

SRM, STT-Systems, Myontec, Trainingpeaks are not only the names of the producers of our equipment, but companies with which we constantly compare ourselves to improve.
We were among the first in Italy to believe in Power Coaching, so much so that we were SRM distributors
from 1993 to 2006 before the birth of the Italian branch.
The web-assistance with the use of platforms like Training Peaks allows us to monitor our athletes day by day, identifying the best strategies to obtain the best possible performance.
Smart coaching has become for our Coach a family technique, evolved and improved over the years of collaboration with professional teams where athletes train for long periods in their places of residence.

Evaluation tests are carried out on cutting-edge machinery and the protocols are those used by the best Profs in the World.

Coaching consists of 360 ° assistance, and in this context it has been inserted
the Bike Fit 3D service of STT-Systems for the optimization of the athletic gesture.
A dynamic analysis of the position on road bike, MTB but especially time trial bike.

Hours and hours of work in all the world's velodrome and wind tunnel allowed us to develop a technique that combines
aerodynamic and biomechanical efficiency in search of the best performance.

The profound knowledge of the materials used by the best Professional  Team of the World allow us
to guide the athlete of the best accessories to purchase.
"Amat Victoriam Curam"
this Latin phrase illustrates the way we work
"success loves preparation"

Evaluate capacity, plausible goals , plan a work path and growth to achieve them.

Training an athlete, whether professional, U23, junior  amateur, man or woman is in this simple consequence of actions

Evaluate - Set goals - Program

For information tel. 0583 1535383, mob. +39 334 2242556 (Pino) - +39 392 6298123 (Filippo) or write to us using the form below.